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Hi to all everyone. Please be careful which MP3 WEEK you download this week, as there is a download which on first sight is exactly the same as ours, but it is not the same. We end each download with [GloDLS], this opposing sight is ending theirs with [320Kbs]. The reason of this note is that their download is a RAR file, no guessing that their RAR file is password protected, please be aware that it could be a SCAM to get your details. This message has also been sent to Chris.Bringit, our Administrator, to see if there is anything he can do. Thank you for taking time out to read this message.


  • Thanks Wiz, I noticed also but never download anything other than GloDLS.

  • Cheers, he's at it again I see.

  • It would seem that he's trying to steal the limelight, not a chance.

  • Here's a thought, why not make the GloDLS weekly releases Rar files that are P/word protected. But message the P/words to all that regularly comment on here to say "Thanks" to Chris and the team for their efforts. If you notice there are only a few that thank him, yet more often than not over 80 views that probably go on to download.

  • thanks for the heads-up..i only download glodls..but will make sure to double check

  • Thanks to all concerned for this weeks links

  • Thanks for the heads up!

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