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Sign in problems

It's very rare I delete cookies or shut down my computer but whenever i do Even though I save passwords etc I always have problems signing in here or on Glodls site. Never a problem anywhere else so I don't get it! I end up having to do password resets every time, Does anyone else have this issue or has anyone any idea what the heck I am doing wrong or how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry weeble, I haven't had any problems with signing in, but I can say that whenever I look on here at any of the messages, it only shows me that there's only 1 person viewed the links, so to me it looks like there could be a glitch in the system. Apart from that, everything seems hunky dory here. Anyone else having any problems, that might be worth mentioning to Chris?

  • Weeble, yes it often happens to me as well.

  • I forgot to mention, weeble, now and again I have to sign in, but never have to reset my password.

  • We recently upgraded the system, so there are few bugs we are still fixing, like the issues with the views.

  • Thanks for explaining the glitches Chris.

  • Hi Chris and the team I have been having problems today 15/10/18 that I have even deleted my cookies and browsing data and I can't see anything at all now even when I search for something on Glodls, I have even logged out and tried it that way to no success. so I have logged back in as well and still got the same problem. Thanks, Ambulanceboi

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