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Clean Versions

Hi i am looking for compilation albums and singles charts with radio edits/clean versions of songs. my friend is playing music in his cafe and has to keep putting it off because of the please. thanks


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    Anna, I'd advise your friend to buy retail versions. Basically because If a cafe plays any music even a radio or TV they need to have a Music license (It's a combined version of the old PPL and PRS licenses and came into effect in February). I believe Legally He can play a Backup copy of music he owns But if he gets inspected it's a massive fine. You can play music without a license but it must be Royalty free music.
    If you have a good look on the GLODLS site there is a massive selection of music there but you'd have to filter out the explicit versions and maybe even compile your own compilations, The Now Albums are a good start as they are almost all clean edits. 50's to 80's Music is also 99% good, But of course depends on the demograph of his particular target audience, Are they mainly older clientelle who would enjoy older music with their afternoon teas, Is it more like a truckers cafe where they might appreciate a bit of rock music etc. Are they younger people who like a bit of Rap/Hip Hop and R&B (Which is a bit of a danger area for explicit lyrics).

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