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Jungle Is Massive - Ministry Of Sound

Jungle Is Massive - Ministry Of Sound


  • edited August 2017

    Why do you need to be reminded about asking for new releases on the day of their release, for other members to look for them for you every time? Both these albums that you are asking for, have only been released today 11-08-17. Both of these albums will take at least a week to a fortnight till we see them as downloads. So may we make a suggestion, if you are that EAGER to get these two albums, please go to the shops and BUY them, then perhaps you will put them both up as uploads for the rest of us to download. Thank you.

  • I have brought the cds but as I am a mobile dj I use a notebook so don't have cd drive to rip the disc so can uploaded them I only put them up in case someone else brought the disc and is able to uploaded load them! THANKS VERY MUCH thewiz!

  • I was a MOBILE DJ and also still have my notebook, but I also have an external cd drive, as I found it quite handy to have, especially if there was a request for a track which I had on CD and not MP3. That of which kept my punters very happy. Not to have this extra tool of a little external CD player would seem rather strange and the punters cheesed off because they don't have the track they required. I THANK YOU TOO. thewiz out.

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