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Popup and under Malware or adware

Has anyone any idea how I prevent The main website from sending me to another page that will not let me back out of it without clicking to add the extension... I don't want the extension they are trying to make me add as it's most likely malware. I have to close out of Chrome with Task manager to get away from it. Yes It's a small price to pay for getting the goodies we are looking for but I'd much rather just make a donation to the site than have all the misleading ads and malware....
This is getting very frustrating!


  • If you are a regular visitor to Glo, just signup it doesn't take more than a minute to avoid all the trouble you are having..
  • My same problem signing up doesn't solve
  • edited November 2016
    I use Internet Explorer II and haven't had any popups at all, as yet.
  • Ever since I registered with the site all pop ups have gone.
  • Chris I am registered the moment I hit the Sign in button is when it starts. is this a Chrome issue? If so Will start using something else.
  • All seems fine on Micro$oft Edge browser... Thanks Guys!
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